How do I get a free trial?

Register by creating a login and password, then check your inbox to verify your email. You can then select a subscription and continue to checkout. You can cancel before your 7 day free trial expires and you won't be charged.

How many devices can I access?

With an Individual Membership you can access Code SAVVi on up to 3 of your devices. Smartphones, Tablets or Computers.

How do I get Code SAVVi?

Get a FREE 7 Day Trial of CODE SAVVI by creating an account by clicking the Start Free Trial button at the top of the page.

Will I be charged when I enter my credit card?

No, you won't be charged during your free trial period. You can cancel at any time before your trial expires.

I registered but cannot access my account?

Check your email inbox and verify your account, then try logging in.

You are already logged in on another device?

A1. You have reached the maximum number of connections for your subscription. Please log out from one of your connections and try again.

A2. Reset your password and you will be logged out of all active connections.

Do I have to pay for amendment updates?

All amendment updates are part of your CODE SAVVI Membership

Can I add a Code SAVVi homescreen icon on my phone?

Yes, when you are logged into Code SAVVi, click the share button and scroll down to "Add to Homescreen".

How do I log out of my account?

Click the profile icon on the bottom navigation bar and click Logout at the bottom of the page.

Can I download Code Savvi on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

Code Savvi is a web app which is available from any device at www.app.codesavvi.ca

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